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Luxcrime Ultra Lipmatte Rose Me Up


SKU: 100 ID: 3342

“never afraid with the spotlight, coz we live for applause”

Shades Description: Bright Pinky Nude Shades

Luxcrime Ultra Lipmatte with new formula: a creamy, moist and comfortable formula with long lasting matte finish with soft and thin applicator help you to precise the edges when apply it. The Lipmatte that you never tried before.

How to be lux:
1. exfoliate your lips with lipscrub and moisturize with lipbalm or coconut oil
2. apply a thin layer of lipmatte on your lips , for soft color effect apply 1 layer/swipe, and for bolder color effect apply 2 layers/swipes
3. wait until it dries until it set matte finish

Easy Remove with our cleansing oil

Hashtag #luxcrime or tag us on your IG

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